B12 Shots Questions and Answers

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B12 Shots Near Me in Katy, TX
B12 Shots Near Me in Katy, TX

B12 is an essential vitamin that provides many health benefits. Deficiency in this vitamin can lead to osteoporosis from loss of bone density, to neuropathy from loss of neurons and even birth defects when experienced in early pregnancy. Imbalances in vitamin B12 levels may also lead to fatigue and increases the risk for certain types of anemia.

What does a B12 shot do?

Also known as cyanocobalamin, vitamin B12 is an important factor in the metabolism of every cell within the body, the synthesis of DNA, the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids and the maturation of developing red blood cells. Maintaining the proper levels of B12 within the body is absolutely necessary to sustain a properly working nervous system and a healthy red blood cell count because vitamin B12 is such an integral component in the function of a healthy body.

Vitamin B12 is most commonly ingested through foods that come from animals such as red meat, fish, dairy, eggs and cheese. Vegans and vegetarians sometimes source their B12 through fortified cereals or supplements. While the proper amount of vitamin B12 can be consumed and absorbed through most people’s dietary choices, many others cannot sustain the proper levels of B12 within their body, which can lead to serious health conditions if left untreated.

A vitamin B12 shot boosts levels of B12 in the body and is much more easily absorbed than an oral supplement, eliminating deficiencies and the complications that are associated with it.

How long does a B12 shot last?

The duration of the effects of a vitamin B12 shot can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. If you are vitamin B12 deficient, you may notice the effects for longer. On average, the effects can be felt and are noticeable for about a week, although some people report feeling benefits for months.

How often should you get a B12 shot?

The frequency of your B12 shot regimen will depend on your healthcare needs. If you are B12 deficient, you may require shots more often than someone who is not. Additionally, if you cannot absorb B12 orally, you may require B12 shots more frequently.

Who needs B12 shots?

Vitamin B12 shots can benefit everyone, especially those who are deficient in B12. Vitamin B12 deficiencies are relatively rare in otherwise healthy individuals; however, those at an elevated risk are groups who do not consume a diet with animal-sourced food, as well as those suffering from other health conditions. Individuals that are more susceptible of developing a vitamin B12 deficiency are:

  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Adults over 50
  • Those with low gastric intrinsic factor
  • Those with a low amount of stomach acid
  • Those taking certain medications
  • Gastrointestinal disorders like celiac disease and Crohn’s disease
  • Those who have had bowel resection, weight loss surgery, or surgery on another part of the digestive tract
  • Those who take metformin and acid-reducing medications
  • Those with specific genetic mutations
  • Those who regularly consume alcoholic beverages

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